Floor Coverings International is the top local provider of tile flooring in the greater Calgary area. We work directly with national tile manufacturers to bring our customers a large selection of high-quality products at competitive prices. Stone and tile flooring options create a unique and wonderful selection that feels natural, is durable, and can withstand being in a diverse set of environments.

Our designers and installers are highly experienced in both residential and commercial projects. Many choose to install tile or stone flooring into areas that have higher humidity like bathrooms since it is durable. The look is wonderful but the floor can feel cold and slippery depending on the type of material you choose. We work with you to find the best flooring choice for your project and we do our best to finish your project on-time, within your budget, and suited to your unique needs. Our installation team works quickly and efficiently so you can start enjoying your new floor.

Contact us today to see our great selection, talk with a design expert, or schedule a free in-home estimate where we bring flooring samples into the comfort of your home.

Our Partners

We partner with Shaw, Mannington, Armstrong, and more leading tile manufacturers. FCI of Calgary has a wide range of tile flooring textures, colors, and styles, so we are confident that you will find the best tile for your project!


A Note from Our Owner

Stone and tile flooring options come in a variety of looks and create a unique and natural feel, which is why so many choose to install them in their homes. Contact us today to learn about our great selection or talk with a professional.” –Dave Harrop, Owner




Style Choice

  • Tile is available in a huge assortment of sizes, colors, patterns, and finishes
  • Grout color can be customized for your choice of tile
  • Accent tiles, mosaics, and pattern options are unlimited and give your home a unique look

Also consider that:

  • Some tile surfaces can be slick, especially when wet, while other types of tile provide greater traction.
  • Standing on a stone or tile floor for long periods of time can result in sore or tired feet
  • Tile does not retain heat well, so floors may feel cold to bare feet in winter