If you have older floors in your home but you don’t want to replace them then you should consider floor restoration. For virtually all floor types, there are measures you can take to improve the look and longevity of the floor that you currently have in your home.

Hardwood Floors

Wood floors can be restored to make them look nicer, newer and provide protection going forward. The most common restoration projects include sanding, staining or protective coats. Each option helps with look and durability, but only a limited number of restoration projects can be done on a wood floor before it needs to be replaced.

Refinishing hardwood floors can dramatically improve the look and longevity of a hardwood surface. But refinishing hardwood floors without the proper equipment and knowledge can cause irreparable damage, and in some cases even injury. Instead of attempting to refinish hardwood floors, protect your investment and yourself. Contact Floor Coverings International about refinishing hardwood flooring in Calgary, AB.

If wear is concentrated in one area, you may be able to replace a small section of your floor. In other cases, a full sand and refinish will be the best choice. One alternative is screening, a process that removes the top layer of polyurethane and replaces it with a new coat. While this is a less time-consuming technique, it too should only be attempted by a professional.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring is more difficult to restore, but there are things that you can do to keep it looking great and last longer. Carpet needs to be stretched and damaged areas need to be replaced. Just like any floor type, there are temporary solutions but resolving the issue directly is the best way to prevent further problems.

Tile Flooring

Over time, tile flooring can be worn down and damaged. Partial replacement can help make the floor look new and protect the damaged areas from getting worse. Be sure to replace broken tiles or damaged grout work as those weak points can create larger problems.

To talk with a restoration expert about restoring your floors, contact Floor Coverings International of Calgary today. We provide free consultations and will walk you through your options to make your floor and home look great for years to come.