wood-look vinyl calgaryIt’s hard to beat hardwood. Depending on the species and finish, it can complement any décor: light or dark, traditional or contemporary, modern or rustic. For bathrooms and high-traffic parts of their homes, some Calgary residents want the timeless look and feel of hardwood with added durability and water resistance. At Floor Coverings International Calgary, we suggest that they consider wood-look vinyl for their new space.

Why vinyl?

Vinyl is an extremely versatile flooring material. It’s not just for industrial spaces; many homes feature vinyl flooring that looks just like hardwood. Here are some of vinyl’s many benefits:

  • It is extremely water resistant. Vinyl is made from PVC plastic, which absorbs no moisture. This makes wood-look vinyl an excellent choice for bathrooms.
  • Vinyl is durable. It is more difficult to ding or scratch it, making it an excellent choice for pet owners.
  • In the unlikely event that your vinyl floor is damaged, it’s easy to replace individual vinyl tiles.
  • Vinyl is low-maintenance. Wood-look vinyl might look like hardwood, but it does not require regular polishing to maintain its luster. Just vacuum and sweep regularly. Mop as needed.
  • Installation is quick and easy.

How is vinyl made?

If you’ve made a sandwich, these steps will sound awfully familiar to you. The vinyl tile or sheet that you buy in a store is composed of many layers and harnesses the power of many different materials:

  • The “backing” is usually made from felt and foam to provide springiness.
  • Next comes the “print layer”, which features the wood-look design. Vinyl can be printed with any wood design imaginable, from red oak to California redwood. The wood design is printed using the rotogravure printing process, which involves pressing the vinyl sheet between two large cylinders that engrave the image onto the print layer.
  • The final layer is transparent plastic and protects the layers beneath.

For more information about wood-look vinyl and its numerous benefits, contact your flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Calgary. Call to schedule an appointment today, and we will bring our mobile showroom to you.

Photo © Siamnukhathut Purathaka