luxury vinyl floor calgaryAt Floor Coverings International Calgary, we know that there are many different kinds of flooring on the market today.  Many homeowners love the look of natural stone flooring, but sometimes it can be too hard or too cold to stand on for prolonged periods of time.  Necessity is the mother of invention and so now we have Alterna, luxury vinyl flooring.  This deluxe flooring alternative offers a surface that is easy to clean, and an appearance that looks like the real thing.  Many people cannot tell the difference!  So why is luxury vinyl flooring so popular?

It’a an affordable flooring option!  If you are looking to tile a very large area materials can get expensive if you’re using granite or slate, for example.  With luxury vinyl flooring you can get the look you want and stay on budget.


Where to Install Alterna

Alterna luxury vinyl floors are incredibly versatile. You can install them in practically any room in your home. They are especially great for places like playrooms and kitchens. When you don’t want an uncomfortable, hard surface, but you still want the flooring to look elegant, opt for luxury vinyl flooring like so many homeowners are today.  The softer feel will help joints as you stand for long periods in the kitchen. It will also help minimize injuries when little ones trip or fall while they play.

Alterna tile is also a smart option for the entryway and laundry room because it is very easy to clean, and many options are water resistant.


Design Choices

One of the best things about Alterna tile is that it can imitate a wide variety of flooring materials. One of the most popular current styles is wood look tiles. These imitate the look and texture ofwood look vinyl floor calgary hardwood, but offer the easy maintenance and affordable price of vinyl. People also often choose Alterna styles that imitate ceramic, slate, marble, and other natural stone options. These styles even come with optional grout detailing to make the finished floor look even more convincing.


We’re Here To Help

To set up a free in-home consultation where you can see and feel flooring samples, give Floor Coverings International Calgary a call! Our direct relationship with Alterna manufacturers allows us to offer great prices on tons of luxury vinyl. We can answer all of your flooring questions, and take care of the entire process from consultation to cleanup.


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