Wood Look Tile in CalgaryHardwood flooring is sought after for the warmth and durability it brings to a room. It can be used to emphasize numerous styles including rustic, traditional, modern, and contemporary. However, solid wood is susceptible to scratches in heavily trafficked areas, warping in humid spaces, and staining or fading in rooms with excessive sunlight. For Calgary homeowners who wish to achieve the look of hardwood flooring with a more durable, high performance option, wood look tile may be just the answer they need.

What is Wood Look Tile?

Wood look tile is a ceramic or porcelain plank tile that mimics the texture, color, and grain patterns of hardwood created by a high-resolution printer. Thanks to advancements in technology and manufacturing, higher end wood look tile can have over a hundred distinct faces on its surface. Once installed and finished by our team of flooring experts, it is nearly impossible for the naked eye to see the difference between the two options.

Choose From a Vast Selection

Thanks to our partnerships with leading tile manufacturers, we can provide you with a large assortment of wood look tile. Whether you’re looking for the traditional look of oak, or the bold look of exotic tigerwood, our engineered tiles can craft your aesthetic. Daltile in particular has one of the largest assortments of wood look tile in the industry. Speak with a design associate regarding color, sizing, or specific wood species to mimic, so we can help you find the perfect wood look tile for your Calgary home.

Wood Look Tile Installation

One important idea to keep in mind with wood look tile is that the grouting must be concealed to maintain the look of real hardwood flooring. Lastly, tile can be cold to the touch, so consider adding radiant floor heating for a warmer floor covering year-round. At Floor Coverings International Calgary our installers are more than happy to take on this task for you. We proudly serve the greater Calgary, Alberta area. Call us today!

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Photo Credit: © Dariusz Jarzabek