tile shower in calgary

A tile shower can serve as the centerpiece of any bathroom and gives Calgary homeowners the opportunity to create a highly personalized space. This type of shower is easy to repair and offers tremendous design versatility. Furthermore, the issue of mold and mildew build up between tiles is something homeowners can work to prevent.

Tile Shower Pros

Tiles are available in a variety of colors and materials, offering an enormous range of design options. Coupled by the fact that this type of shower is constructed onsite, homeowners have a great deal of choice in deciding what size and shape they want their shower to be. Commonly, the floor of a tile shower is made using small tiles, in order to improve traction and prevent slipping. However, other than this safety precaution it’s really up to the homeowner. You can choose to create designs with tiles of different colors or textures, or perhaps opt for a more traditional look using subway tiles in a uniform color.

Tile Shower Cons

A downfall of tile showers, and tile more generally, is the issue of mildew and mold build up over time due to exposure to moisture. Tile showers can be easily wiped clean, but over the course of many years mold and mildew are likely to become difficult to remove. One way to combat the need to eventually hire professional cleaners is to use large tiles on the walls of a shower, because fewer tiles overall means less exposed grout between tiles, resulting in less mold build up. Homeowners can also use a hanging rack to store shampoo, conditioner, and anything else in their shower. This prevents the bottoms of bottles from being in contact with tile grout, which can accelerate mold and mildew growth. Even if you do choose small tiles for the entirety of your shower you shouldn’t worry too much, because the aesthetic benefits of a tile shower often outweigh the eventual cleaning costs for homeowners.

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