Homeowners looking for an elegant addition to their home often consider natural stone tile. One of the most popular options is marble for its timeless beauty, unique markings, and radiant hues. Before you commit, it’s important to understand the different qualities of marble that make it great for some rooms and a struggle in others. Allow the experts here at Floor Coverings International Calgary to help you properly incorporate marble into the different rooms of your home. Take a look here!

Marble Tile Countertops Kitchen CalgaryMarble in the Kitchen

Marble has been a staple in modern kitchens for many years now, but homeowners often underestimate its versatility. Marble can be a great choice for countertops, backsplashes, and even floors. As a countertop material, marble is incredibly easy to wipe clean at the end of each day and its unique veins and splashes are a popular design element for a variety of aesthetics. Marble backsplashes can be cut into any shape or size you’d like, and can be easily stained for a pop of color in the design.

Natural Stone Tile Flooring

Natural stone tile is an elegant flooring style that can add maturity and value to your home. If you choose to use marble tile for your floors, be sure to select a high-grade variety and hire a professional team to install and seal it. Marble is softer than granite or slate and can acquire scratches from heavy foot traffic if not protected properly. Your tiles may need regular maintenance to reseal and ensure the floor will last for years to come.

Marble Tile Bathroom CalgaryMarble for Bathroom Surfaces

If you are considering a bathroom remodel and want to use marble, you’ll be happy to know that this is a perfect place for this luxurious tile. As mentioned previously, marble is a softer stone and areas such as the bathroom that are exposed to less heavy foot traffic and the sharp edges of heeled shoes ensure that your floors will last a lifetime. Once professionally sealed, marble tiles can be completely moisture resistant. We suggest a more natural, honed finish rather than a shiny polish as it will be less slippery underfoot after a steamy shower. Marble can also be used for sink counters, backsplashes, and shower walls. The opportunities are endless with this beautiful and versatile stone.

Fireplace With Natural Stone Tile

Looking for a way to dress up your old-school fireplace? Natural stone tile comes to the rescue. Since marble is available in a variety of shades from bright ivory to deep natural grays, you can find a style that fits your existing décor. Furthermore, marble tiles can be cut in a variety of sized and shapes, so consider a geometric design to craft a unique focal point .

If you want to learn more about marble tile or the variety of alternatives that emulate its appearance, schedule a consultation! The team here at Floor Coverings International Calgary is ready to help homeowners in the greater Calgary area accomplish their design dreams. Call us today!

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