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The kitchen is the center of your home. It’s where many Calgary families spend much of their time sharing meals and making memories. Kitchens need flooring that is strong enough to stand up to years of high foot traffic. Equally important are aesthetic considerations; a kitchen should be functional yet warm and stylish.

For those reasons and more, many of our customers choose tile. Here are a few more reasons why tile is perfect for Calgary kitchens.

Never Worry About Moisture

There is a reason why tile is found in almost every kitchen and bathroom in North Alberta: it is perfect for rooms where moisture is an issue. Kitchen floors reckon with spills on a daily basis. Tile won’t absorb standing water or moisture from the air, making it a great choice for hot, humid summers.

Easy to Clean

Tile is easy to keep clean. Mop up spilled wine or pasta sauce without worrying about staining or warping. The amount of required maintenance depends on the tile’s material and size. Ceramic and glass tiles, for example, require only a quick wipe. Natural stone tiles, on the other hand, require regular sealing. Larger tiles are easier to clean than smaller tiles. This is because grout is the most time consuming aspect of tile maintenance, requiring vigorous scrubbing with a course brush, and larger tiles have less grout than surface area.

Durable and Long-Lasting

If an individual tile cracks, it’s easy to replace it. Many tile manufacturers produce tiles that are chip and scratch resistant—perfect for commercial spaces and pet owners. When it’s properly maintained, tile can last a lifetime.

Matches Any Style

Is subway tile not your style? Never fear: there is a tremendous variety of tile materials to match any décor. The most common are vinyl, ceramic, and porcelain. Vinyl tiles are “printed”, which means that any pattern can be achieved. Homeowners that prefer the look and feel of hardwood often prefer wood-look tile: ceramic or porcelain tiles designed to mimic maple, oak, cherry, or any hardwood.

At Floor Coverings International Calgary, our mission is to give Calgary residents the floor of their dreams. For more information about tile, and to schedule your free, in-home consultation, give us a call today!

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