Wide plank hardwood flooring, a term used to describe any wood flooring with a width greater than 3 inches, is hands-down the best way to showcase the natural beauty of hardwood. Here at Floor Coverings International Calgary, we love how wide plank flooring can give a room a rustic or a modern vibe depending on the type of wood and stain chosen. If you’ve never considered this on-trend hardwood style before, read on to learn more about what wide plank flooring could do for your Calgary home.

wide plank hardwood Flooring Calgary

Design Characteristics

Wide plank flooring is highly customizable: whether you’re going for a warm rustic look, a Scandinavian-inspired vibe, or a sleek modern feel, you’re sure to find a plank floor that meets your needs. What’s more, solid wood plank flooring can be sanded and refinished several times during its lifetime. Although interior design trends change, the allure of uninterrupted wood grain will endure for years to come.

Natural Beauty

The wider a plank is, the more you’ll get to see the grain pattern of the wood, a feature that highlights the splendor of wood as a natural material. In other words, wider planks allow you to see the wood grain more clearly. As a result, hardwood species with pronounced or interesting grain patterns look especially striking as wide plank flooring. Hardwoods like hickory, walnut, and oak are well-suited for use as wide plank flooring for this reason. For an ultra-calm vibe, try wide plank in a hardwood with a more uniform grain pattern, like maple or beech.

Clean Lines

A wider plank means that it takes fewer boards and more importantly fewer seams to cover a given area. For this reason, wide plank floors are prized for their delivery of clean lines and a subtly peaceful vibe. In fact, wide plank aficionados will tell you that the seams in a standard-width hardwood floor make a room feel busy and crowded. After experiencing the tranquility of wide plank flooring firsthand, you might be inclined to agree.

Caring for Wide Plank Hardwood

The subtle grace of uninterrupted hardwood can bring lasting style and value to your Calgary home, but only if it’s properly cared for. Larger pieces of wood can be more susceptible to warping during changes in humidity, so take care to minimize the moisture that your wide plank floors are exposed to, and act quickly to clean up any liquid spills.

Caring for your floors begins with the installation process. An experienced flooring contractor will be able to acclimate the wood to the humidity levels in its new environment, so it’s important to hire a professional to install wide plank flooring.

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