Walnut hardwoods belong to the Juglans genus, which has many beautiful species all around the world. Unfortunately, not many species domestic to North America are ideal for flooring but are instead used in furniture and woodcrafts. However, there are a few exotic species that make excellent flooring choices for your home in Calgary:


Walnut Hardwood Flooring CalgaryPeruvian Walnut

  • Native to Mexico and South America
  • Darker than the typical walnut floor
  • Sometimes develops a purple tint
  • Janka hardness score: 960

African Walnut

  • Native to West Africa
  • Colors vary from beautiful golden hues to reddish brown
  • Straight and uniform grain
  • Janka hardness score: 940.

New Guinea Walnut

  • Native to Southeast Asia.
  • It can sometimes look gray or green in color
  • Janka hardness score: 910.

Queensland Walnut

  • Native to Australia
  • It has a dark brown to pink-brown color with interlocked or wavy grains
  • Janka hardness score: 1670, which makes it the most durable walnut variety


The typical walnut wood is pale brown but can be as dark as chocolate brown.  You’ll see surprising and gorgeous natural tints like pink, red, gold, and purple infused with the wood. The grains of walnut flooring are typically straight but can also interlock. If you don’t find a natural walnut hue that fits your home, walnut can be easily stained to match your existing décor.


Walnut hardwoods are known for being predominantly resistant to rot and decay. They also have a good natural sheen, though they can look even better when they’re properly finished and treated. The Queensland Walnut also doesn’t have an odor when being installed like other walnut species. It’s also twice as durable as the other walnut flooring options.


Insects love walnut hardwoods, which makes them vulnerable to pests if not properly treated. Some species are more vulnerable to wear and tear than others. For example, New Guinea hardwoods are highly susceptible to both rot and insects if not treated properly. Walnut also emits a mild odor when being installed that can be unpleasant, though it fades in time. If you choose walnut, leave a few days post installation to air out your home. Walnut floors are also typically not as hard and durable as other exotic wood species.


If you have any questions about installing walnut floors in your home, contact us. Floor Coverings International Calgary proudly serves the greater Calgary area and we can get you started with a free design consultation and estimate. In an in-home consultation, we will bring a variety of flooring styles to your door for you to match your existing décor. Our experts will help you narrow down your search and find the perfect floor that matches your aesthetic, lifestyle, and budget. Call us today!



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Photo credit: © Elena Elisseeva