Maple hardwood flooring in CalgaryMany homeowners and business professionals in Calgary prefer the high-end look and feel of maple floors compared to other flooring options. If you’re considering installing this type of hardwood, you can learn more about maple, its characteristics, and the best applications for homes and businesses at Floor Coverings International Calgary.

What is Maple Flooring?

Maple is considered one of the most useful and widely available hardwoods in North America. Over 20 species grow in Canada and the US, especially around the Great Lakes, Michigan, and New York. Maple has been used to manufacture furniture, cabinetry, and flooring for generations.

Characteristics of Maple Floors

  • Strength: Many people choose maple flooring because it remains strong when bent, absorbs shock, and resists wear. Consider that maple is the wood of choice for desks, workbenches, and butcher blocks, all of which take a lot of abuse. This hardwood also has excellent screw-holding abilities for impressive longevity.
  • Durability: Historic homes often possess maple floors, which require nothing but a little sanding and refinishing to return them to their former glory. Following installation or restoration, maple flooring resists denting and scratching. If you choose maple hardwood for your floors, you can rest assured it will last!
  • Appearance: Maple never goes out of style. It’s generally straight-grained with a smooth, consistent texture. However, bird’s eye and burl grain patterns are also available. The unstained color ranges from light reddish brown to dark brown. The finish applied following installation affects the final appearance. Maple also takes a high polish if you enjoy that aesthetic.

Best Applications for Maple Hardwood

Maple is a popular choice for contemporary spaces in Calgary, especially when finished with a light-colored stain. The subtle grain pattern works well in large, open floor spaces such as great rooms and commercial offices. It also prevents smaller spaces, including bedrooms and hallways, from feeling too busy. Thanks to its durability, maple hardwood is also suitable for high-traffic areas in homes and businesses.

When you schedule a free consultation with Floor Coverings International Calgary, you’ll be able to explore our full selection of hardwood flooring products (including maple). Give us a call today!

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