When selecting hardwood flooring there is more to decide on than just the species and the stain you’d like. You should also consider what finish you want your floor to have. At Floor Coverings International Calgary we pride ourselves on providing you with options. Here is some more information on the finishes you have to choose from.

Hardwood Flooring Finishes calgary


A lot of the hardwood flooring you see has a smooth finish. This means that the planks are sanded smooth and prefinished at the factory. The result is an elegant and refined look that works well with any décor. The one drawback is that any damage to the floor that may occur will be noticeable. However, a strength of hardwood flooring is that it can be sanded and refinished. With solid plank hardwood flooring this can be done many times. With engineered hardwood flooring you should be able to sand and refinish between one and three times.


Hardwood flooring that is distressed typically displays features such as nicks, dents, holes, and burn marks. The look that is being crafted is of an antique piece of wood that has seen some years of use. The small imperfections that are worked into the wood give it an aged charm that is very popular. Distressed hardwood is a particularly good choice for high-traffic areas because it will do well to mask any new damage that may occur.

Wire Brushed

As the name suggests, wire brushed hardwood has been hand-altered with a wire brush. Light scraping actually removes some of the softer wood in between the grain pattern and this both accentuates the grain and leaves behind a stronger, more durable surface. Wire brushed hardwood flooring will tend to have a slightly more prominent grain and a bit more texture, resulting in a very attractive floor.

Hand Scraped

Another option in what is essentially distressed hardwood flooring is hand scraped. With this finish, you will notice ridges and divots in the hardwood planks, which give the flooring a weathered, worn-in look, and a wave-like appearance. With hand scraped you get old world charm and a rustic look. This is another great option if you have pets or if your floor will experience heavy traffic and potential damage over time.

Free Design Consultation

If you are considering hardwood flooring for your home or office in the greater Calgary, Alberta area, be sure to contact Floor Coverings International Calgary. Our flooring experts will come to you to discuss your options in person during a free, no-obligation design consultation. You have many options in flooring and we want to help you make the best choice possible.

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