At Floor Coverings International Calgary, we carry a wide selection of engineered hardwood flooring. Our customers love engineered wood flooring because it combines the easy installation of laminate with the beauty and feel of hardwood. This durable material offers a range of benefits to homes and businesses alike. Learn more about this beautiful flooring material today to find out if it’s the right choice for your space!engineered hardwood calgary

Engineered Hardwood Design

Each plank of engineered hardwood is created with multiple ply layers of fiberboard and a top layer of solid hardwood. The number of layers can range, usually from about 3 to 12. The more layers a plank has, the more resilient it will be in the long run. Each plank is topped with a stain, finish, and wear layer that help to resist scratches and other damage.


Lifespan: Unlike laminate, engineered hardwood can be refinished one or two times in its lifetime to remove surface damage. This will greatly extend the life of your floor.

Durability: The layers that make up each plank offer durability and strength to each plank of engineered wood. The layered design also makes this style of floor better at resisting moisture damage than solid hardwood.

Cost: Engineered hardwood is more affordable than solid hardwood.

Installation: Most engineered wood floors are installed like laminate flooring. Each plank comes pre-finished, and sometimes only needs to be locked into place. This makes the installation process much simpler and faster than solid hardwood.

Options: There are tons of engineered wood flooring styles with different finishes and stains, so you’re sure to find that right style for your home or business.

Styles of Engineered Hardwood

We offer a huge range of engineered hardwood flooring styles. Some of our most popular styles include:

Oak: Red oak engineered wood is classic, affordable, and makes for a vibrant and beautiful flooring.

Hickory: Achieve a timeless, rich look in your home or business with hickory engineered flooring.

Maple: Maple is one of the most popular wood styles on the market. Its beautiful grain looks great in kitchens, living rooms, and dining rooms.

Bamboo: Though bamboo is not technically a species of wood, engineered bamboo flooring is a popular style of engineered flooring. It is environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Our Partners

We work closely with top manufacturers to offer you a great selection of quality engineered hardwood floors at competitive prices. Contact us today to learn more about our services, to see our selection, or to schedule a free in-home consultation!

Our Local Approach to Engineered Hardwood Floors

Here’s what our local owner has to say about the benefits of engineered hardwood floors:

“Engineered hardwoods look great and are durable. Contact us to learn about our great selection of hardwoods available and to talk with a design expert today.” – Dave Harrop, Owner

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