distressed hardwood flooring in calgary, abWhat is Distressed Hardwood?

Distressed hardwood flooring is a variety of solid hardwood, meaning it’s made from one piece of wood rather than several layers of wood fused together using heat and pressure. This type of hardwood is intentionally weathered using a machine to create an aged and antique appearance, hence the term distressed.

What is Not Distressed Hardwood?

This popular style of hardwood shouldn’t be confused with hand-scraped wood or reclaimed wood. Hand-scraped wood is similar in that hardwood reaches an aged appearance, but is distressed by hand. Reclaimed wood is the most natural out of the three distressed varieties, and refers to old logs and beams that are sourced having already been aged and weathered in their natural environment. Distressed hardwood flooring is known for adding character and warmth to rooms, and is sure to be a great addition to your Calgary home.

Advantages of Distressed Hardwood Flooring

Interestingly, the weathered look of this hardwood variety has a tendency to compliment modern interior design well. Homeowners have incorporated distressed hardwood into a number of different interior design styles, including industrial style homes and country style homes. Distressed hardwood adds subtle detail and creates feelings of warmth. It’s therefore not a surprise that it’s been utilized by styles that look to play up a cozy feel, and styles that by themselves tend to be colder or more sterile-feeling.

Aside from its design versatility, distressed hardwood is also great at hiding marks, scrapes, dirt, and dust. Any scratches or scuffs tend to blend into the wood’s already distressed appearance, and its natural texture and color variation are perfect for keeping up appearances in high traffic areas.

Disadvantages of Distressed Hardwood Flooring

The mechanized process of distressing hardwood does make this variety more expensive than ordinary solid hardwood styles. Unfortunately, this dependency on energy and resources also makes it less eco-friendly than hand-scraped wood or reclaimed wood, something homeowners should keep in mind.

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