Cherry flooring adds elegant beauty and a warm finish to residential and commercial spaces alike . It has an attractive red hue with dark brown streaks that create a dramatic yet classic design. These streaks darken slightly with age, so as your floor ages, it becomes even more beautiful. Here at Floor Coverings International Calgary, we offer a wide range of cherry flooring options.

Cherry Flooring


When people think of cherry flooring, they often think only of the classic American style. While this is still a very common type of cherry hardwood, some other styles include:

Types of cherry wood floors vary in of color, grain pattern, hardness, and other factors. Brazilian cherry has an open grain that looks similar to oak but is twice as hard. In contrast, American cherry is on the softer end of the Janka hardness scale.

Our design associates are happy to help you navigate through all the different styles. We will make sure you get the perfect cherry flooring for your space in the Calgary, Alberta area.


Cherry Hardwood Advantages

Low Maintenance – All you need to do on a consistent basis to take care of your cherry flooring is to sweep and dust mop. This makes daily care simple and fast!

Finish & Texture – Cherry hardwood is often preferred over ceramic or other tile thanks to its smooth, finish, warmth, and fine open-grained texture.

Appearance – Cherry radiates a brilliant, unique appearance. It is often chosen by interior designers to portray elegance and sophistication within a given space. Cherry hardwood adds character to a room with its vibrant, rich tones.

Cost-effective – Though cherry flooring is often categorized as exotic flooring, it is also known to be cost-effective, thanks to its easy maintenance and durability.


Cherry Hardwood Disadvantages

Sunlight Damage – Cherry hardwood should be kept out of direct, repeated sunlight. The rich colors that this type of flooring is known for can fade over time, so careful preservation is advised.


Installation Tips

There are types of cherry flooring to meet almost any modern environment. Unlike oak and walnut, cherry has closed pores, making it slightly more challenging to finish during the installation process. So, if you choose a cherry flooring that is not pre-finished, it is important that a qualified installation team applies the finish evenly to achieve the perfect look.

Our installation team at Floor Coverings International Calgary is ready to make sure that your cherry flooring looks great after installation day. We even have cherry hardwood-look laminate options, so call today to talk to a specialist about the best flooring for your lifestyle.


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