When you think of Beech Hardwood in Calgaryhardwood, your mind might jump to classics like oak, cherry, or pine. However, there are countless species to choose from that each have their own set of characteristics. One species that often gets overlooked is beech and Floor Coverings International Calgary is here to change that. Let’s go through the basics of beech hardwood and the qualities that make it a great flooring option.



  • Aesthetic: Beech has a color and grain profile that is easy to complement and match with existing elements or added accents. It has a light, creamy color that is heightened by a pink or golden brown hue. The warm shade of the wood is perfect for making spaces seem more inviting and open. The grain is fairly straight, sometimes with slight waves or patterns.
  • Affordable: The availability and prevalence of beech hardwood keeps the cost low. Beech grows across the eastern United States in large quantities that are used for commercial lumber. It is a non-threatened species that is easy to obtain and easy to use. If you are looking for a beautiful hardwood on a budget, definitely consider beech.
  • Durable: Beech has a Janka score of 1300, which is comparable to favorable species such as red or white oak. You can expect beech hardwood to resist scratches and dents from heavy foot traffic in busy households. All hardwoods experience wear and tear but this is a great option for busy households.


  • Plain: While the minimalist look is desirable for some homeowners, others may see beech as too plain. The lack of prominent grain markings or deep colors makes it a truly uniform wood that doesn’t command much attention.
  • Porous: Beech hardwood is known to have small pores that make beech susceptible to moisture damage and rot. It is essential to protect your floors with a durable sealant and to clean up liquid spills immediately. Avoid using beech in rooms that are at high risk for exposure such as the kitchen.


To see if beech is right for your Calgary home, schedule a free in-home estimate with your local flooring experts at Floor Coverings International Calgary. We bring the floor to your door to view samples of beech and other hardwood varieties in your own home. Get started on your next flooring project and call us today!



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