Sustainable Natural Resource

Cork is a natural wood product from the outer bark of the cork oak, a species of tree native to the Mediterranean region. The bark is harvested from the trees without felling the trees. About one third of the trunk is stripped, approximately every nine years. The trees live-on until reaching full maturity about 150 years and is then replaced by a young tree.


The Quiet Wood

Cork has a cellular structure that absorbs sound waves. The bouncing of sound waves called reverberation is much less than it is with solid wood, wood laminate, and imitation wood flooring. Sound transfer from adjacent upper levels of the building is also reduced, especially if a cork underlayment is added to the cork flooring installation.


The Warm Floor in Winter

The numerous, tiny air pockets retains more surface heat and is more effective for saving energy in the winter than it is with other types of hard surfaces such as ceramic, stone and vinyl. With its low thermal conductivity, cork flooring is also desirable for providing thermal insulation when installed over slab.


The Comfortable Floor in Summer

When airborne humidity levels rise, cork flooring like all nature fibers or hard surface flooring is preferred over the sticky, unpleasant feeling of carpets made of man-made fibers. This is because cork flooring does not trap humidity like the heavy pile surface of carpet will.


A Long Life Span

Cork is an excellent flooring material because, although it feels hard when you touch it, it is slightly resilient. This ability to bounce back after walk on it increases the life span of the flooring. In residential settings cork flooring is a lifetime investment if cleaned and maintained properly.


Easy to Care For

Our cork flooring has an acrylic matte finish applied to its surface. Normal sweeping or vacuuming, wiping up spills and excess moisture immediately, and the use of walk-on mats at entrance doors is all that is needed for daily care. For overall cleaning a damp mopping will remove built up dirt without harming the cork floor.