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Bamboo flooring has become an increasingly popular flooring choice for Calgary, Alberta area homes. Bamboo is often grouped with hardwood floors in stores but it actually comes from a species of grass called Moso.

Bamboo stalks only have to age for about five years before they can be harvested for flooring. These stalks are sliced into thin strips and woven into sturdy planks. The professionals at Floor Coverings International Calgary are here to help you find out if bamboo flooring is the perfect choice for your home!


Characteristics of Bamboo

  • Eco-Friendly: Bamboo grows quickly, and is able to replenish itself. The roots left after harvest are even able to regrow. This is what gives bamboo the “green” benefits that it is so well known for. Most hardwood floor materials have a much larger impact on the environment.
  • Durability: Bamboo is quite resistant to surface scratching and scuffs, as it is harder than many hardwoods (the exact strength depends on the manufacturing process and other factors).
  • Adaptability: Bamboo is adaptable to a number of surfaces, and can be fixed to plywood or even concrete.
  • Design Flexibility: Bamboo is naturally light in color, but it can easily be stained to match your space.
  • Long-term Value: Bamboo can be refinished a number of times during its life. When you install it, you are adding unique value to your home. As it ages, it will also take on a patina that only adds to its charm.

It’s important to note that though bamboo is resistant to surface scratches, it can be dented by heavy objects more easily than some flooring materials. Be mindful of this if you are moving heavy furniture around in your home. Not all bamboo flooring is created equal. Be sure to consult an expert before choosing a style for your home.

If you love the look of bamboo but are hoping for something more inexpensive, try a bamboo laminate floor or bamboo vinyl plank floor. These options won’t last as long in your home, but they do a remarkably good job of imitating the beauty of bamboo.

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From Our Owner:

“As such a popular eco-friendly flooring choice, bamboo is known for its hardiness and affordability – we’ll help you make your flooring decision easy and stress-free!” – Dave Harrop, Owner


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