Wool Carpeting The most familiar of all natural fibers, wool has been used for centuries as the yarn of choice in carpets and rugs. Hard-wearing wool retains its appearance for years. Loop pile or woven textures are styles that avoid traffic pattern and foot print tracks.

  • Naturally flame retardant and reduces dryness and static
  • Resistance to soiling and staining
  • Hard microscopic external scales on the fibre give it an easy to care for quality
  • Warm and comfortable in winter because of its natural insulating attributes
  • Dry and clean in the summer because it naturally regulates air moisture content
  • A renewable fiber source that is biodegradable at the end of the product’s life span.

Wool carpet is generally considered a luxury product. It is made of a natural fiber that has a unique feel and a long lifespan. Wool carpets tend to be denser than carpeting made from manmade fibers, giving it a softer feel. Because its fibers are solid, wool carpet also tends to mask dirt and debris better than nylon and acrylic, although advances in carpeting technology have greatly reduced the gap in quality between synthetic and natural products.

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