Stair carpeting is a beneficial addition to any multi-level home in Calgary. Also known as stair runners, these carpets can bring a lot of style to your home, while also supporting the durability of your stairs and extending the lifespan of its flooring. Not only do they shield your stairs from everyday wear and tear, but they are also adept at reducing the noise from foot traffic on your stairs. For extra protection and a touch of class, look no further than stylish stair carpeting.


Stair Carpeting CalgaryStair Runner Benefits 

Peace and Quiet. Stair runners soften the noise of daily foot traffic. If you have any family members who are night owls, you know the pain of hearing someone plod up the stairs at 1 am, waking you up. Instead, installing stair carpeting can greatly reduce the noise. Furthermore, stair carpet will help prevent floorboards from becoming weak and starting to creak under the weight.


Extends the Life of Your Stairs. We all tend to have a standard route up and down the stairs, and these areas can develop signs of wear and tear through the years. Carpeting protects your stairs from scratches and damage from shoes and pets. You can also guard your stairs against stains that come from repeated direct impacts and dirt from outside.


Design. Stair carpeting can make an entryway look more appealing and dramatic. It can also be customized to go up the staircase and wrap into the upstairs hallway. Consider a unique or intricate pattern that highlights your aesthetic Alternatively, you could choose a solid color that complements the hues of your home. With regular cleaning, stair runners can look beautiful for years.


Affordability. If you’re looking for a project to spruce up your home, but don’t want to commit to a complete reflooring project, stair carpeting is a great place to start. It doesn’t take as much carpeting to cover stairs as it would to carpet an entire room, so this upgrade will be easier to budget.


Stair Runners CalgaryConsiderations When Choosing Carpet

Keep in mind that your stairs are an area of your home that sees a lot of foot traffic. Be cautious of the type of fiber and pile you choose. It’s wise to opt for a low-pile, stain-resistant variety. Coarse fibers will add a bit of traction underfoot to prevent any dangerous slips and falls. While wool carpet feels and looks luxurious, you don’t want to worry about cleaning tracked in dirt or treating stains every time someone runs up the stairs with their shoes on.


Explore Beautiful Stair Runners for Your Home or Business

Keep your staircase in the best condition possible with durable and chic carpeting. To view samples of styles we carry and discuss the best options for your home, schedule a free design consultation with Floor Coverings International Calgary. We proudly serve the greater Calgary area. Call us today!


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