Pet Protect Carpet Calgary


Did You Say Odour Free?!

Calling all pet lovers in Calgary and beyond! Stain Master Pet Protect Carpet stands up to the messiest, and smelliest of times. This pet protect carpet is made from a special fibre, engineered with stain resistance and built-in color that resists fading. This design keeps spills and accidents on the surface, (while keeping home owners happy) instead of soaking into the fibers and subfloor. So whether you’re housetraining your new puppy (or your little one) stains don’t soak in, so the odor doesn’t linger.


A Pet Owners Dream: Pets Keeping their Humans Happy

They can’t help it! Some breeds of dogs and cats shed more than others, that’s why Stainmaster Pet protect carpet is designed to release pet hair while vacuuming, a dream for pet owners!



Let the kids run in and out! And bring the dog with them! Stainmaster Pet Protect provides amazing resistance to traffic from kids and pets in the home. It’s made with highly durable nylon fibre that helps keep the texture and original look of the carpet intact. And like all Stain Master carpets, it’s durable and easy to clean.


As Softs as a Baby’s….

Stain resistant, odour free, vacuum’s up pet hair easily, AND it’s soft on your feet. Stainmaster Pet Protect carpet is literally made for everyone in your home.


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