The right carpeting can set off the look of your Calgary home, giving it a completeness that is still quite open to modification down the line. Plush carpeting is one of the best options if you want to cultivate a full, nurturing environment – great for family rooms and cozy bedrooms.


Plush Carpet in CalgaryWhat is Plush?

Plush carpeting is distinguished by its unique weave. It is quite smooth and dense at the same time, sometimes giving off the impression of a well-manicured lawn. Many homeowners confuse plush with saxony, but the two are quite different. The density of plush allows it to support you underfoot, and is less likely to crush under the weight of heavy furniture unlike other carpet styles. It’s perfect for homes looking for a cozy yet strong flooring material.


Cushioned Comfort

One of the immediate advantages of plush carpeting is the level of comfort it provides. You will feel as though you are stepping on a cushion everywhere you walk, even if you do not put any sort of padding below the carpeting. The construction of plush requires the separate tufts of carpeting to be more closely spaced than other types of carpeting, which only adds to the cushioning effect.


Durability of Plush

Plush is a great idea for a household that already endorses a shoes-off policy indoors. If there are small children in the household who would rather sit on the floor than in chairs, then plush provides a great option. Contrary to what many people believe, plush carpeting is actually very resistant to stains from outside dirt and liquid spills, so the mishaps that occur when small children play near to the floor will not be as big of a problem as some people think.

However, plush carpeting does not lend itself well to the parts of the home that are high traffic areas to adults. Plush shows nearly everything other than stains, including footprints and vacuum tracks. These markings do not reduce the life of the carpet at all, but it may appear disheveled or unattractive to some homeowners. For this reason, you may not want to put plush in the public areas of your home although it may seem like a good idea on the surface.

If you maintain plush carpeting, it will last you for many years. Many homeowners in Calgary choose to place it in bedrooms, dens and living rooms for a beautiful, textured look and comforting atmosphere. The experts at Floor Coverings International Calgary can help install plush carpeting in your home. Get started with a free design consultation to view samples of different colors and fibers to pick the best carpet. Call us today!


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Photo Credit: © Jodie Johnson