Pattern carpet in Calgary, ABWhy patterned carpet?

Patterned carpet is often used in high traffic public spaces because of its ability to hide dirt and stains. Conversely, within the home patterned carpet is frequently avoided because it can limit design choices and tends to make rooms look smaller than they actually are. Nevertheless, when executed well a patterned carpet is a durable and long-lasting flooring option for any Calgary, Alberta home.

Patterned Carpet Pros and Cons

Most prominently, patterned carpet hides dirt and spills and therefore is a great option in busy homes that undergo a large amount of wear and tear. Households with small children will likely appreciate patterned carpet for its durability, and it is a great flooring option for a children’s playroom. When selecting a style homeowners should be wary of the design restrictions it can present in the long run. Although a child may enjoy the colorful pattern of a carpeted playroom at young age, in time homeowners may want to transform the playroom into a rec room or guest room. In this case patterned carpet may be a costly short-term investment. Instead, a homeowner may want to select a solid colored carpet and feature patterned furniture to ensure future design versatility.

Selecting a Patterned Carpet

One option when choosing a patterned carpet for a home is to select a subdued pattern. Solid colored carpets operate like a blank canvas, giving homeowners the versatility to easily change the design of a room without changing the flooring. A subdued pattern is a compromise between patterned and plain carpet and offers the best of both worlds: a carpet that hides messes without limiting design options.

Floor Coverings International Calgary offers a wide range of subdued patterned carpet options, one called Lovely Essence that is a mix of gray and black tones, and another called Moment of Truth which is a creamy mix of white and beige. We happily serve the Calgary, Alberta area and would love to help you select a carpet for your home. Our design experts are trained to evaluate your space and help you decide which texture, color, and pattern is best.

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