Nylon Carpet in Calgary

One of the most popular types of flooring for busy households is nylon carpet. Spaces that need the added comfort, softness and cushiness will do well with this type of flooring, but choosing the right carpet for the area is important. Nylon carpet can be found at several different price points, colors, textures, and styles. Our Floor Coverings International Calgary experts are here to teach you all about this popular carpeting option.

Nylon Quality

Not all nylon carpet is created equal. There is a high-end version and a lower priced version. The high-end nylon carpet comes with a longer warranty, may have more stain resistance, and may repel mold and mildew. Does this mean you should always purchase the more expensive material? Not necessarily. If you are placing carpet in a basement, garage or shed – the lower cost nylon carpet will probably work just as well. The durable more expensive carpet should be used in high traffic areas like hallways, playrooms and family rooms.


Consider Color

Another consideration when choosing nylon carpet in your Calgary home is color. Nylon is a synthetic material and can be dyed a variety of colors. Just remember certain colors show wear and tear more than others. A lighter colored carpet will show more dirt and stains than a carpet with a variety of different colors mixed together. Think about the design of the room and the statement you are trying to make. If the kids will be watching television and playing video games with friends in the room – choose a carpet that will not show when drinks are spilled and snacks end up on the floor.


Texture & Style

Choosing the right texture and style is also important when investing in nylon carpet for your home. The texture in carpet refers to how the fibers are looped, cut, or twisted. It not only helps to determine how the carpet feels but also the carpet’s durability. Most loop pile fibers are fastened to the backing of the carpet on both ends. They are great choices for high traffic areas because of durability. Another option is a Berber. This features uncut loops in varying sizes. It is one of the more stain resistant types of carpet because of its density. A level loop carpet is created with uncut loops that are of equal height. This results in a very smooth surface and is easy to maintain, although it may not be as soft and comfortable as other types of carpet. A cut and loop patterned carpet adds dimension to your flooring. Sculptured patterns and unique designs are just some of the features of this type of nylon carpet.


Homeowners in Calgary will love the affordability and durability of nylon carpet. In rooms where you are looking for comfort and coziness, carpet creates a homey atmosphere. Installing carpet in second-floor rooms also reduces noise in the spaces below. When choosing carpet, nylon should be one of the top considerations for your home. Contact Floor Coverings International Calgary today to learn more about our nylon carpet options!


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