sheeps wool for carpet, calgary

Natural Materials

Sun, rain, grass and…you guessed it, Sheep! That’s all it takes to make premium wool carpet for your home. No artificial ingredients needed, just those four amazing natural elements. That’s what makes Godfrey Hirst wool carpet the premium choice in carpet fibre for your home. Bask in the comfort, not only because it’s cozy, but because you are choosing natural, environmentally sound carpet for your home and family. Its natural properties help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. And what’s cooler than owning your own sheep that graze freely on the grass, get shorn every 9-12 months and return to their pasture to grow more wool? That’s what Godfrey Hirst has been doing for 150 years; making it one of the top 10 carpet manufacturers in the world, Godfrey Hirst is a name to be trusted.


Built-In Durability

No need for stain protection with Godfrey Hirst Wool carpet. It’s naturally stain and soil resistant – wool fibres are arranged like roof shingles – this overlapping inhibits dirt from getting into the fibre and instead, flecks it away.


No dust mites or bacteria here! That’s because wool carpet is non-allergenic. And it’s affordable. Since Godfrey Hirst is one of the largest wool manufacturers in the world, it can provide an exceptional selection of value priced carpets. Did we mention there are over 200 to choose from? And their carpets are designed with fashion in mind, with a design team that continually researches the latest in trends from around the world.


Natural, affordable, environmentally sound, beautifully designed; this is 150 years of Godfrey Hirst wool carpet.

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Top Photo Credit: Kim Eggleton