Frieze carpet in CalgaryFrieze carpeting, also referred to as twist carpeting, is the modern version of the shag carpeting that was extremely popular throughout the 1960s and 1970s. Read below for more information about this style of carpet that has enjoyed a recent resurgence in popularity in Calgary homes!

How Modern Frieze Carpet Differs From “Shag” Carpet

Today’s frieze carpeting is created using thinner fiber strands, which differs from the thick strands of traditional shag carpeting. This gives frieze a leaner, more subtle texture, rather than the very thick surface of shag.

Benefits of Frieze Carpeting

One of the biggest advantages of frieze carpet is its durability. This is made possible thanks to the carpet’s twisted fibers. When a strand of carpet stands straight instead of being twisted, it can easily be bent down by the impact of foot traffic. Therefore, the twisted design of frieze increases its longevity and durability for a greater period of time when compared with other carpeting.

Another benefit of frieze carpet is the fact seams are easily hidden within its fibers. This makes it especially ideal for large rooms where seams are necessary. Frieze is also advantageous for stairs or hallways because it hides the staples on stairs and the seams that have to be cut for railing posts. In addition, dirt is hidden well within the twists of frieze carpeting, so even when it is dirty, it isn’t obvious.

Drawbacks of Frieze Carpeting

The long, loose fibers used in frieze carpeting can make it a bit challenging to clean. While dirt is hidden from sight, it’s hard to get out spills when cleaning because liquids can seep down into the fibers more than with short fiber carpeting. One way to counteract this is using a vacuum cleaner with a beater bar that will help loosen the dirt hidden within the fibers of the carpet.

Frieze carpeting is a stylish and low-maintenance choice for Calgary homes. If you’d like to explore this and other carpeting products, call Floor Coverings International Calgary today!

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