commercial carpet tile calgary

What is Carpet Tile anyway?

Picture a heavy, long roll of carpet. Now picture just one square piece of carpet. That’s Carpet Tile! Also sometimes known as Carpet squares (see what we did there), it’s very different from a roll of carpet. Carpet tile is a popular flooring choice for commercial spaces like office buildings, retail shops and restaurants, hotels, and many more commercial spaces such as casinos and malls. At Floor Coverings International, we are experts in providing and installing a wide variety of commercial flooring in the Calgary area.

This or That?

Your options are endless! From subtle to vibrant colors, simple to wild patterns, Floor Coverings International offers so many carpet tile choices. Our Design Associates are here to help you choose the perfect style (and size) of carpet tile that looks best in your commercial space.

Installation – Stay simple, or get wild!

One of the advantages of carpet tile is that there`s already a backing in place and each fibre of the carpet is attached to it. No padding or underlay is required to install carpet tile. Pressure sensitive glue is used to lay each carpet tile down, an advantage if a piece becomes soiled. A fantastic feature of carpet tile is the easy removal if one piece becomes ruined and needs replacing. That one piece can be easily taken out and a new one put in its place.

You can make Carpet Tile as unique as its designs and colors, simply by how you lay it down in your commercial space. Here are three options for laying carpet tile down:

Monolithic – When the carpet tile pieces all face the same direction 

Quarter turn – Give your flooring an original patterned effect, just turn every other tile a quarter turn right or left.

Checkered Pattern – Choose two different carpet tile patterns to add a funky look to your flooring.

Can’t decide?

The Design Associates at Floor Coverings International offer complimentary quotes, bringing the samples to you! This makes choosing so much easier, when you can see the carpet tile pieces in your space and lighting. Book your complimentary quote today!