Worldwide in scope, Design Materials, Inc (DMI) originates from a diverse group of manufacturers and the various growers and fiber producers that support them.

A wide range of floor coverings are collected in their U.S. warehouses, then distributed throughout North America to independent retailers and interior designers. Because of their commitment to maintain large inventories of all styles, the carpets, rugs, and tiles are shipped within days of receiving an order. Ultimately, placing the world‘s unique flooring styles within easy reach of the North America marketplace.

Following is a list of countries involved in the manufacture and fiber production of DMI flooring products: Belgium, China, Greece, Netherlands, Portugal, France, Denmark, Finland, United States, India, Brazil, Mexico, Tanzania, Kenya, New Zealand.

Our Products

Cork – A revival flooring material with a modern ceramic based protective coating

Natural – Sisal, reeds, and coir are woven into a distinctive array of textures

Wool – A familiar fiber, woven or tufted into unique styles

Woven vinyl – A soft texture and high traffic resiliency

Area rugs – Made to order custom sized. choose from 70+ binding options

Solstice – Outdoor-indoor rugs, made to order custom sized to best fit large or small patio settings


Indoor Air Quality

Natural, bio-based carpets and rugs have features which lie in the naturalness of the material

  • These fibers have hygroscopic qualities – the ability to store humidity and emit it when the air is dry
  • Promotes a healthy, balanced atmosphere in a room.
  • Static charging does not occur in these natural materials – ideal for rooms with computer stations
  • Dust does not cling to the carpet pile, making it easy to clean with a high suction vacuum

Care & Cleaning for Natural Fiber Floorcoverings and Rugs

  • Visible and Loose Dirt – Should be regularly picked up with a broom or vacuum cleaner. Easily cleaned, because dirt will not cling to the hard, non-static fibers. Regular cleaning is necessary because loose particles of dirt reduce the life span of the floor covering with their scouring effect.
  • Water – Can dissolve dirt particles and bring them to the surface. This may cause watermarks to form. Therefore spilled water or water from plant containers must be dabbed immediately with an absorbent white cloth and then dried with a hair blow dryer.
  • Spills – Which are still moist, are the easiest to remove. Remove the spills promptly by scrapping up solids and blotting liquids. Follow by dabbing with a damp cloth of water (add white vinegar to the cloth to cut grease). Dry with a cloth or hair blow dryer.


Natural Flooring Options:

Cork flooring

Sisal carpet

Reeds flooring – Seagrass & Mountain grass

Coir carpet

Wool carpet

Woven vinyl

Bound Area Rugs