Laminate Flooring in Calgary is one of the best flooring options today, thanks in part to technology. To understand if this is the right flooring choice for your home in Calgary, let’s examine laminate flooring in more detail.

What exactly is laminate flooring? Well, it looks like hardwood, is a little bit of vinyl tiling and a little bit of engineered floor. In other words, it is a hybrid flooring option which is viable and cost effective. Our laminate flooring options include floating flooring, laminate hardwood flooring, oak laminate flooring, and plank flooring.

In technical terms though, laminate flooring can be understood as having two thin layers of paper filled with melamine. The bottom layer is literally a photograph of wood grain and it is covered by a hard layer which makes it resistant to dents and scratches.

Advantages of installing laminate:

  • Easy to clean
  • Stain resistant
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable

So, if you live near Calgary and you’re decided on a wood-look for your home, laminate flooring is a durable, cost-effective alternative to wood.

Although laminate is quite durable, it isn’t scratch-proof nor can it be sanded and refinished as wood can. Therefore, if laminate flooring gets scratched or damaged in any way, the pieces need to be removed and replaced instead of refinished.

Although laminate flooring is touted as ‘easy-to-install’ that’s assuming that all do-it-yourself homeowners are of the same skill-level. Before you decide to take on what may be an arduous task, please consult with the experts at Floor Coverings International in Calgary; you may find that’s it’s quicker, pain-free, and quite affordable to have true professionals install laminate flooring for you.


Laminate flooring options:

Floating flooring

Laminate hardwood

Oak laminate

Plank flooring