If you love the idea of having soft carpet to walk on, but don’t want to part with the hardwood or tile flooring in your house in Calgary, carpet runners may be just what you need!

Carpet runners are long, rectangular pieces of carpeting that are commonly placed in hallways or on staircases. In households throughout the country, including homes in Calgary, carpet runners are commonly used by homeowners for a variety of reasons.

First, many homeowners use carpet runners on hardwood, tile, stone, or vinyl floors to provide warmth and comfort. When the weather cools down in Calgary, carpet runners keep cold feet at bay when put on top of hard flooring. If you like the feel of carpet but don’t want it throughout your entire home in Calgary, carpet runners are a great option. Secondly, for homes with stairs in Calgary, a stair runner will help prevent accidental slips and falls. When properly secured to the staircase of your home in Calgary, stair carpet will provide traction and security for those walking up and down the stairs.
Carpet runners typically have a non-slip backing that will also provide traction in slippery hallways. Another reason homeowners in Calgary use carpet runners and stair carpet is that they provide protection for existing flooring. When used in homes that see a lot of foot traffic in Calgary, stair carpet will help protect stairs from scratches, nicks, and daily wear-and-tear. Although many people love their hardwood flooring, a downside to having hard floors is that noise is often exaggerated and sounds will echo around the house. When placed in homes in Calgary, a stair runner will provide sound insulation and will help muffle loud noises. In addition, in Calgary, stair carpet comes in all styles, colors, and patterns to suit a homeowner’s personal taste. For many homes in Calgary, a stair runner can add a stylish touch to a staircase, and for houses with no stairs in Calgary, carpet runners can add a pop of color to an otherwise neutral hallway.

Carpet runners are an affordable way to enjoy carpet without having to give up or replace the hard floors in your house. Call Floor Coverings International serving Calgary and schedule a free in-home estimate for new carpet runners today!