Laminate flooring has become a popular way to update the
overall look of a home. At first glance it looks like hardwood or stone, but
doesn’t include the required maintenance and expense that those materials
demand. Let’s take a look at all angles of laminate flooring.


First off, laminate is one of the more durable and
long-lasting choices in the flooring world. It’s resistant to wear and tear and
won’t fade when subjected to direct sunlight. Most manufacturers back their
laminate product with 20-30 warranties depending on the brand and model.  The piece of mind that comes with not dealing
with replacement and repair is extremely valuable especially when you couple it
with the how easy laminate is to clean. No wax needed here. A quick swipe with
a damp mop will take care of all the cleaning you will ever need. I already
mentioned arguably the biggest benefit to laminate flooring already – the
price. Laminate is cheaper and easier to install than hardwood.


Laminate can lower the resale value of your home because
despite the look, buyers know it’s not actual wood. Compared to carpeting,
laminate may still increase a home’s value, but buyers will always prefer
natural materials like hardwood or stone over manufactured. Although laminate
flooring is technically moisture resistant, floors can still warp in
high-moisture areas – especially when pools of standing water materialize over
the floor. Unlike hardwood, laminate cannot be sanded and refinished. If your
laminate floor gets heavily worn, deeply scratched or grooved, it has to be
replaced. Lastly, laminate isn’t the most comfortable material under your feet.
It’s naturally hard. Similarly, it can be very slippery although manufacturers
have been solving that problem with slip-resistant wear layers.


Laminate may be a great option for your home floor. Take
some time to digest the possible positives and negatives before making a
decision. If you are considering a laminate floor for you home, don’t hesitate
to contact the professionals at Floor Coverings International Calgary. We can
handle all your laminate flooring needs with ease and provide free in-home