In order to stay competitive, hotel operators are being forced to makeover their properties. If you’re a hospitality manager, you should really take a good look at the flooring materials you’re using in your hotel. After all, nothing withstands as much pounding as the floors your guests walk on. You’ll want something that still looks as good as it did the day it was installed.  Many hotels worldwide are incorporating different types of flooring into their lobbies and rooms as well. Here are a few of the best options out there.


Carpet is probably the most popular choice for hotel flooring. It’s one of the least expensive options, easy to install and one of the best insulators against sound, which is crucial in a hotel setting. It’s particularly attractive in colder climates like Calgary because of the warmth and coziness it gives off. Despite these advantages, carpet is absorbent so it can stain and it does need replacement more often than other choices.


Concrete floors have become an increasingly enticing option for hotels particularly with the increasing trend among hotels to upgrade their interiors to a modern, industrial feel. Concrete looks sleek and sophisticated. It also holds up extremely well, is easy to clean and will not stain over time. However, concrete flooring is one of the most expensive flooring options out there and installation can take weeks. Still, the attractiveness of a concrete floor is undeniable and it’s easy to see why more and more hotels are choosing concrete in their interior remodeling plans.


Similar to concrete, rubber-flooring fits in well when going for the industrial, minimalist look that is popular today. Naturally hygienic and waterproof, rubber offers sound proofing, cushioning and great insulation to the floors of any hotel room. Unlike concrete, rubber is reasonably priced. So, what’s the fault here you ask? Well, the biggest drawback to rubber floors is their aesthetics. It’s not the most luxurious looking choice and we all know that can be a deal-breaker for a customer.

When deciding which type of floors to install in a hotel, you should definitely consider a multitude of factors. Here in Calgary, you’ll want a floor that can hold up in winter well. Obviously, price and look are both big factors. In addition durability, insulation and installation time should also be taken under consideration. Carpet, concrete and rubber are only 3 of the popular options today. Each has benefits and drawbacks so I’ll leave it up to you in order to decide which one is right for your hotel.