If your Calgary home has small rooms that are feeling cramped or cluttered, we can help you open up your space. While finding efficient storage and furniture layouts can help clear the area, there are also a few solutions you can try with your flooring. Take a look at these changes that can transform your rooms to feel more open, spacious, and bright with help from your experts at Floor Coverings International Calgary.

Small Living Room Calgary FlooringThe Décor & Style

An expert designer tip is to make the rest of the area as open as possible. For example, equip the space with décor that won’t clutter and make it look like there’s not enough room for your belongings. Keep the theme bright and light to create a more inviting space. You should also make your walls and ceiling a light color to enhance the expanding effect of your floors. When it comes to carpet, avoid dense or chunky styles such as plush or shag. For tile and hardwood, steer clear of dark colors or prominent markings and grain patterns that can overwhelm the room. If expanding the room itself isn’t in your budget, be mindful of the décor you use and consider lighter floors and larger tiles or planks to give the illusion of a few extra square feet.

Light Colored Hardwood Small Spaces Calgary FlooringUse Light Colors

In the same way that dim lights can make a room feel claustrophobic, dark floors make a home feel smaller by compressing the area it covers. To make your room look and feel larger, opt for lighter floor colors. If you know you want hardwood, you can find natural species with blonde hues or you could stain the planks to shades as light as white for an ultra-modern look. Some space-expanding flooring options would be beech hardwood, marble tile, or a light colored carpet.

Small Spaces Wide Plank Hardwood Calgary FlooringInstall Large Tiles or Wider Planks

When it comes to interior design, the size of your tiles and planks matters. Small tiles are great for creating intricate mosaics or patterns, but these can also make your space feel cluttered. By using large tiles or wide planks, you will lengthen the look of floor. Larger planks and tiles will require fewer grout lines that break up the space. Another benefit of this style is that the beauty of your tile or hardwood will be put on display, resulting in a more interesting and unique floor.

With a few fixes, small rooms in your home can feel bright and open. Here at Floor Coverings International Calgary, we carry a wide variety of flooring styles for you. To look at natural, engineered, and synthetic materials, schedule a design consultation today! We’ll bring different flooring samples for you to get a feel for the color and sizes you can upgrade to. Call us today and get $200 off your next project!

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