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So, you’ve decided you want new hardwood floors for your Calgary, Alberta area home? It’s not hard to understand why. It’s beautiful, durable and adds significant value to your home. But what kind of hardwood should you choose? There are plenty of styles that feature a subtle, smooth grain pattern that will blend easily into your room’s décor, but why not make a statement with your new flooring? At Floor Coverings International Calgary, we love helping homeowners find the unique flooring that fits their needs. Here are a few of our favorite hardwoods that really catch the eye and add beauty to your home:



Oak has been the most popular hardwood flooring for decades. It’s incredibly durable and ages well over time. But these aren’t the only reasons for its popularity. It’s standout grain has been impressing people for years. It features both thin vertical patterns and arched designs that work beautifully together. This is also punctuated with small pinholes and some mineral streaks. The overall affect is a rustic wood that offers classic appeal to your home.



Another classic American hardwood, hickory may not always look as impressive as it really is. This is because though hickory’s grain features a large amount of color variation, this can be easily be hidden or subdued by stains. If you are interested in playing up this part of hickory’s beauty, be sure to choose a stain that won’t cover it.



This exotic hardwood features a statement grain pattern of dark and light hues. These create a stripe affect that’s extremely unique. If you’re looking for something that will really make your space stand out, tigerwood is a great option.



This elegant wood actually features a fairly straight grain. It’s punctuated by knots and burl clusters that stand out all the more for the wood’s simplicity. You can often choose between grades that have more or less knots depending on your preference. Just consult your local experts like ours at Floor Coverings International Calgary to find out what styles are available. If you want something more rustic, a style of alder with more knots could be the perfect thing.


Photo Credit: donatas1205