Flooring styles shift and change over time and keeping up with these trends is essential whether you are creating a showpiece to impress your friends, preparing your home to sell, or just want a cozy space for your family to come together at the end of the day. The hardwood floor you choose can make or break the look of the room as well as the mood it evokes. Choose wisely but don’t be afraid to let your personal style shine through.

There are four key areas where hardwood flooring trends show up: Planks, texture, pattern, and finish. Before you shop, check out these hot Calgary flooring fashions from your local experts at Floor Coverings International Calgary.


Wide Plank Hardwood Floors CalgaryPlanks

Longer, wider hardwood planks are definitely in right now. Part of the appeal of planks that cover more area is the minimization of joint lines so the overall look is more consistent. This also emphasizes the natural beauty of the wood in the texture of the grain and knots.



Texture is really hot right now with plank surfaces that offer an earthy, rustic feel. While the first thing that typically draws the eye is color, these texture trends get their fair share of attention as well. Two common techniques used to achieve a more natural wood texture are hand scraping and wire brushing. Hand scraping gives a rustic look while wire brushed planks look more distressed or aged. The real beauty though, is the lack of uniformity. Each plank is uniquely gorgeous.



Creativity is the name of the game when it comes to wood flooring patterns. The herringbone layout is very chic and modern – definitely not your mother’s short plank 1970s parquet. Mixed width offers interesting patterns while angled wood floors give any room a rich, sophisticated feel.


Light Hardwood Finish Style Calgary FlooringFinish

Light, natural wood floor finishes are quite popular right now, but the classic dark stained wood will likely always be in style. One thing is certain, though, the high gloss finish is out. Flat finishes and soft, satiny sheens are what’s trending in 2017 and moving into 2018. However, even matte finished floors seem to be emerging onto the scene. It all comes down to personal style.



You can create these same looks in your own home when you choose Floor Coverings International Calgary. Our talented stylists will help you select the flooring that best suits your home and lifestyle. Call today for a free on-site design consultation and take the first step toward creating the beautiful home you’ve always wanted.


Photo Credits: © Paul Maguire, © Alexandre Zveiger