In the winter, a hearth is more than a point of warmth in your Calgary home. It is a place to gather, a hub of comfort and coziness. For the full fireside experience, a fireplace needs to be safe and clean. What kind of flooring pairs well with this age-old seasonal standby? At Floor Coverings International Calgary, we value homes that are safe, sanitary and beautiful, so follow our tips for flooring around the fireplace.

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Avoid Carpet and Wood

If you have a burning passion for carpeting or hardwood near the fireplace, there is some bad news. To be straightforward, carpets and wood are flammable, which means they are not a safe option for this specific area. Even specialty carpets with flame-retardant fibers will accumulate soot and ash when they are adjacent to an active fireplace.

Additionally, hardwood can suffer scratching by iron fireplace tools when it is near the hearth. However, if you have your heart set on hardwood, consider wood-look ceramic tile that can match your aesthetic, while still keeping your home safe. Fire-resistant ceramic can be customized to emulate practically any hardwood style and match the floors surrounding your hearth.

Picking Brick

The russet grit of brick is an attractive choice for near-fireplace flooring. Soot and other particles can be swept or mopped off a brick flooring area, but it may may not be your first pick due to its grainy surface and décor conflicts. Brick doesn’t go with everything, although it can be painted in the color of your choice.

Slate is Great

Slate is a thin stone that can make for excellent near-fireplace flooring. It is not easily marked up by soot or other fireplace threats, and any embers that land on slate will simply die out. Slate is a safe and convenient choice that helps your fireplace area remain clean. Concrete is a similar option, equally safe and eco-friendly to boot.

fireplace flooring calgaryFireplace Flooring Questions and Answers

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