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The average office floor sees a lot of action from foot traffic, coffee and lunch spills, and furniture movement, all of which affect the longevity and appearance of your flooring. It is for this reason that companies in the Calgary, Alberta area come to Floor Coverings International Calgary for help choosing the flooring for their office space. To help our customers even further, we’ve created a guide to deal with one of the most common questions: is carpet still a good choice for an office?

Things to Consider

Your flooring decision should be based primarily on the type of working environment you are trying to create. Elements such as worker productivity, health, noise levels, longevity, and stain resistance should all be considered when deciding between carpet and a harder flooring.  The main goal of an office is to increase productivity and surprisingly, the flooring can make a big impact on employee focus. We will dive into the pros and cons of using carpet in an office setting.

Pros of Carpet

By far the biggest advantage carpet has over hard floors is the insulation and cushioned feel it provides a space. As we know, insulation is essential to keeping energy costs down and can save hundreds on your energy bill. It also dampens sound which is the source of most workplace distractions and can affect employee focus. The padded feel of carpeting is also very important in creating a comfortable and healthy work environment for employees. With more companies employing sit to stand workstations, carpet offers less resistance and therefore reduces the overall energy output for a standing employee.

Cons of Carpet

One of the major concerns cited by customers is that with employees eating lunch and drinking coffee at their desks, it will be harder to clean up spills and keep the carpet looking new. While carpet can be more susceptible to stains, there are ways to mitigate this risk. Carpet tiles are increasingly popular in office settings because they allow you to remove and replace problem areas without replacing the entire carpet. Additionally, stain resistant fibers and loop pile are popular in high traffic settings because they tend to conceal dirt and discoloration.

We at Floor Coverings International Calgary believe carpet is still a great choice for an office space, but ultimately the choice comes down to the type of workplace environment you want to create. There is a flooring solution for every location, and we want to help you find it.

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