Taking good care of your floors is the key to prolonging their lifespan in your home. Whether you have carpets, hardwoods, or natural stone tiles, knowing the best practices for proper upkeep will protect your flooring investment for many years. Take a look at this list of tips and suggestions from the experts at Floor Coverings International Calgary and make a regular cleaning routine.


Cleaning Carpet Tips CalgaryHow to Clean Carpets

There are a nearly endless variety of carpet fibers and textures you can choose from to fit into your lifestyle. While this is great for finding the perfect carpet for your home, this means that there isn’t one guaranteed way to clean each one. Depending on the type of carpet you have chosen for your home, there are different products and practices you’ll want to keep in mind. However, whether you have natural or synthetic carpets, regular vacuuming and periodic professional cleaning should be a part of your routine.


Natural fibers: Cotton and wool carpets are better at resisting stains, but will absorb more water than synthetics. Be sure to address spills immediately so that moisture does not settle into the fibers or carpet pad and grow mold. Natural fibers such as wool also have their own special spot cleaning treatments that you can use to keep stains from setting.


Synthetic fibersNylon, polyester and other synthetic carpets are more resistant to mildew and moisture. However, polypropylene carpets are of lower quality and can be tougher to keep stain-free. Keep carpet cleaner in your home for spot treatments, but you should also schedule an annual deep clean to help lift any set-in stains, dirt, or allergen buildup.


Cleaning Hardwood Tips CalgaryHow to Clean Hardwoods

One of the major benefits of hardwood is that it is easy to clean and won’t trap dust or allergens like carpet or porous stone. However, it isn’t impervious to stains, especially from red wine, coffee, or pet accidents. The best way to keep your hardwood floors in pristine condition is to clean up spills as soon as they occur and to sweep regularly. A protective finish or sealant will also keep liquid away from the actual surface of the wood and prevent moisture damage. Lastly, an occasional dry mop or treatment with hardwood cleaner can also restore shine and beauty.


Cleaning Natural Stone Tile Tips CalgaryHow to Clean Natural Stone Tiles

Though many stones feel smooth, they are actually fairly porous and susceptible to stains. It is crucial to get any holes or fissures filled and sealed to protect the stone from stains. Natural stone can become discolored from acidic liquid, so be mindful of which cleaning solutions you purchase. Find a neutral pH stone cleaner to avoid any accidental damage. As with any flooring style, take care of spills quickly and add sweeping or mopping to your regular cleaning routine.


For more information on how to take care of your floors, give Floor Coverings International Calgary a call! We can provide you with the perfect floor for your home that matches your lifestyle, aesthetic, and budget.


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