Cleaning Natural Stone Tile Tips CalgaryHaving a clean floor might seem like a regular to-do, but it’s actually a vital part of maintaining your family’s health. Floors collect a variety of dirt and stains that need regular cleaning. Here is the guide our team at Floor Coverings International Calgary put together to help you clean every surface in your Calgary home!

Vinyl Flooring

For kitchen and bathroom floors that are made of vinyl, use a mixture of a quarter cup of vinegar in a 16-ounce spray bottle and a drop of dish soap in warm water to clean weekly. Sprinkle the mixture and wipe it up using a mop or microfiber cloth. For deeper cleaning, steam the floor to remove stains and bacteria from the grout.

Laminate Flooring

Though a hardwood floor cleaning is labor-intensive, the laminate floor doesn’t demand as much since it is made to be both sun and light-resistant. Nonetheless, putting liquid or polish on this kind of floor is a no-no as the moisture may get under the boards and destroy it. Vacuum or dry mop your laminate floor regularly, and for spot treatments, using a damp cloth is recommended.

Hardwood Flooring

These floors are both beautiful and elegant, but they demand a lot of attention– especially when it comes to cleaning. First, you must identify what type of finish the wood has. A wax finish can be identified by rubbing your finger on the hardwood and looking for a smudge. If the finish smudges, then that is wax! This should not be washed, instead, it’s supposed to be swept, vacuum-cleaned, or dust mopped.

In case of polyurethane finishes, you can use a mixture of pH- neutral soap to damp-mop the floor. Use a microfiber cloth to dry these floors. If you are unsure of what to do, give our team a call!

Floor Coverings International Calgary is here to help you with all your flooring needs. We offer free, in-home consultations to bring you the most customized experience possible. Thinking of installing new floors? We’d love to hear about it!

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