Vinyl and laminate are often compared against each other as wood-look alternatives. Which one is perfect for your  Calgary home? To help you find your best fit, the experts at Floor Coverings International Calgary have compared and contrasted the benefits of both! 

laminate wood-look flooring in calgary



Laminate and vinyl are both capable of replicating the visual appeal of hardwood. Though vinyl is often thought of as an outdated flooring, it’s come a long way in recent years. Vinyl planks come close to matching the exact appearance of hardwood. However, compared to basic vinyl, laminate comes even closer, both in imaging and texture. Luxury vinyl beats out both regular vinyl and laminate, with a thicker wear layer that also allows for better texture.


Vinyl and laminate are both affordable options for your home. There’s no clear winner when it comes to price, as either option can be extremely affordable.  Luxury vinyl is more expensive, comparable to the high end of laminate price points.

Vinyl wood-look flooring in calgary



Laminate is more scratch-resistant than hardwood, and can easily hold up against daily wear and tear. Vinyl is similarly scratch-resistant and durable. When compared, vinyl wins extra points for its water-resistance. While vinyl is waterproof, laminate can be damaged by standing water. It’s still more resistant to water than hardwood, but laminate won’t hold up in damp areas such as bathrooms. Vinyl, on the other hand, is an excellent option for bathroom flooring.


Vinyl has come a long way in many respects, including its impact on the environment. However, it’s still not an eco-friendly option, particularly when compared to laminate. Laminate flooring is often crafted from recycled wood, and its manufacturing process releases fewer chemicals.

laminate flooring in calgary


Resale Value

Though both laminate and vinyl can match the beauty of hardwood, neither will bring the same resale value to your home. Vinyl, in particular, has had difficulty shaking its reputation as a cheap and outdated flooring. Laminate fares a bit better in the minds of home buyers.

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