When it’s time for new carpet in your home or business, you’re bound to have some questions. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Calgary are here to answer some of the most common carpet flooring questions that come up in the Calgary area.

 carpet flooring questions


What are the most popular carpet materials and styles in Calgary right now?

The most popular carpet fibre in Calgary is nylon, and the one we most recommend, as nylon is long-lasting and very durable. Popular styles include tone on tone and patterns and multi tone which we carry in our mobile showroom.


Are there any common questions you get about carpet from your customers?

Will it stain? Will it crush or matte? This is why we recommend nylon, it doesn’t crush or matte. And also why we sell Shaw R2X, a stain and soil resistance system put right into the fibre rather than topically.


What are the carpet brands you most often recommend to customers?

We recommend Shaw carpet brands as it’s the number one carpet brand in the world. We sell Shaw‘s patented R2X, a stain and soil resistance system. We also recommend Stain master pet protect, for a few reasons. Stainmaster Pet Protect Carpet is designed to release pet hair while vacuuming, and it has amazing resistance to traffic from kids and pets. And….it’s made from nylon!


What are the most common rooms or areas where you install carpet?

The most common areas where we install carpet include game rooms, entertainment areas, bedrooms, basements and living rooms. Plus carpet is great for game and entertainment rooms for noise absorption.


What are your favorite benefits of carpet flooring?

Our favorite benefit of carpet flooring is the comfort of carpets and the ease and care of the product, and that it does offer noise absorption in entertainment rooms in the home. We also love the quality of stain master pet protect along with Shaw’s patented R2X system.


Still have questions? Not to worry! Contact Floor Coverings International Calgary today. We offer free in-home or business consultations to help you find the perfect carpet for your space.


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