In cold Calgary months, we want to make sure our homes are as warm as possible without having to turn up the heater all day. One of the best way to insulate your home to save money on your energy bill is to install quality carpets. While hardwood and tile look nice, they are cold underfoot and don’t provide the warmth and comfort of carpet. There are many styles to choose from, and whether you want minimalist, eco-friendly, or cozy carpet, Floor Coverings International Calgary has the material for you. Here are three great flooring choices for your home!


Berber carpet is a timeless choice for its durability, stain resistance, and comfort. It is made of dense loops of nylon fibers that can stand up to heavy foot traffic. This makes it a great option for busy families. The dense material absorbs both heat and noise, keeping your home warm and quiet. It is an affordable flooring choice that is easy to install and easy to clean; some high-end variants are even stain resistant! One important quality to note is that the pile is cut evenly for a uniform look, but will show track marks from feet or a vacuum.

Calgary Carpet Samples


Any home wanting a soft, natural feel underfoot should look no further than wool. It is a luxury yarn that produces beautiful carpets and rugs. It absorbs dyes well and you can customize a wool carpet to fit the colors and aesthetics of your home. You can also stray from the classic, monochromatic look of carpeting and opt for multicolored patterns. Wool is woven tightly and resists the buildup of dirt and dust on your floors, making it easier to maintain than synthetic carpets. However, this dense surface doesn’t take away from how soft wool feels. It is a great option for living rooms or bedrooms where comfort is key.

Area Rugs

Although it’s not carpet, area rugs are also a great way to warm up your home. If you plan to keep your hardwood or laminate flooring but want the warmth and comfort of carpet, area rugs are the perfect solution. Area rugs come in a variety of textures, sizes, shapes, and colors to fit in any Calgary home. Pick a complementary color for minimalist appeal or go bold with a unique design to transform your room. On top of their design versatility, area rugs act as a protective layer for your floors. They absorb the pressure of heavy foot traffic and can prevent scratches or dents from dropped items in busy rooms.

Stay warm in colder months and provide timeless comfort for your family. To look at samples and get a free in-home design consultation and estimate, call your local experts at Floor Coverings International Calgary today!

Photo Credit: © pbombaert