If you’re ready to redo the bathroom in your Calgary home, one of the most important considerations is the flooring. Of course, you could go with something fancy and high-tech like laminate or luxury vinyl—but it’s far more likely that you’re looking for something simple, classic, and functional.


Yet even if you know that a classic aesthetic is your goal, there are still so many options to choose from! That’s why the experts at Floor Coverings International Calgary are here to help with three ideas for flooring that will be the foundation of a timeless bathroom look. Read on to learn more—or contact us if you still have questions!


Ceramic subway tile CalgaryCeramic

It’s impossible to go wrong with ceramic. These strong tiles are completely functional when it comes to resisting moisture, and they come with the added benefit of design versatility. Choose large tiles for a spacious feel or create a dynamic visual pattern with smaller tiles. And of course, you can glaze your tiles with an infinite variety of colors and patterns to suit your preferences.


Ceramic tiles are a safe bet that will add value to your bathroom. Choose porcelain, the hardest ceramic, for an extra-durable surface. And don’t forget that you can experiment with grout lines, adjusting the size and grout-color for subtle visual and textural contrast. One of our favorite types of ceramic tile flooring is the evergreen subway tile: a simple 6” by 3” rectangular ceramic tile with a beveled edge that evokes the metropolitan feel of the New York subway system. These classic tiles look great in just about any room!


Slate Bathroom Tile CalgarySlate

Though these natural stone tiles are a staple of contemporary design, they’re also a classic material that has been used in architecture among many cultures for hundreds of years. Slate roofs are common in parts of the UK, and the material makes a perfect water-resistant floor for bathrooms. Slate has a wavy, slightly granular texture that helps add dimension to a regular bathroom, but the color palette is always neutral. The natural look of the stone keeps slate tiles immune to in-and-out trendiness.



Marble isn’t right for every space, but when it’s used well there’s nothing that can compare to the luxurious, illuminating look of this natural stone. Marble is actually a type of metamorphic limestone, and you’ve likely seen it in buildings and sculptures all over the world. Artists love marble for the same reasons as homeowners: the mineral composition of the stone allows light to penetrate just beneath the surface, creating a luminous shine and exquisite depth.

Choose marble if you want to have a classic and classy bathroom—or pair marble with modern stainless steel features to combine old-school luxury with new-school comfort. And of course, rest easy knowing that you have a durable, water-resistant material that can handle bathroom splashes and spills.


Start Your Home Transformation With New Floors

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