Kitchen tile floor in Calgary

How to Choose the Right Tile for Your Kitchen

Choosing the perfect tile for your kitchen is a great way to make a statement and pull together an overall design. However, there are many factors to consider when choosing tile for your Calgary home, especially in a kitchen. Our experts at Floor Coverings International Calgary can help to guide you through this process so that you love…
luxury vinyl flooring

Luxury Flooring on a Budget

Do you want a luxurious look for your Calgary home? Would you rather avoid the hefty cost that comes with exotic hardwoods or marble flooring? Floor Coverings International Calgary has you covered. We’ve compiled some of our favorite budget-friendly, luxurious-looking flooring options. Luxury Vinyl Flooring Luxury vinyl tile or planks are an ideal addition to homes looking for…
Hardwood Flooring Calgary Home

Five Flooring Styles to Consider

Staying on top of current interior trends and flooring styles is a never-ending task. Trends come and go with every passing year, and it's hard to guess which ones are worth your investment. Lucky for you, we've been in the business a while now and have come to know the popular styles that homeowners choose…
Ceramic subway tile Calgary

3 Classic Bathroom Tile Flooring Looks

If you’re ready to redo the bathroom in your Calgary home, one of the most important considerations is the flooring. Of course, you could go with something fancy and high-tech like laminate or luxury vinyl—but it’s far more likely that you’re looking for something simple, classic, and functional.   Yet even if you know that…
Tile in Calgary

Infographic: The 4 Most Popular Types of Tile

Walls and floors and backsplashes-- oh my! On the hunt for a new tile but not sure where to start? This infographic covers all the basics so you can get thinking about which tile will work best in your Calgary home. At Floor Coverings International Calgary, we can help you find the tile of your dreams. Give us a…
Tile in Calgary

Infographic: Best Floors to Install Over Radiant Heating

Radiant floor heating is great for keeping us warm underfoot. Say farewell to the bitter cold feel in your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or elsewhere. Floor Coverings International Calgary is here to tell you about the four best flooring options compatible with radiant floors.   © Lukiyanova Natalia Frenta, © Natali Glado, © Lord_photon
Cleaning Hardwood Tips Calgary

How to Clean Carpet, Hardwood, & Natural Stone Tile

Taking good care of your floors is the key to prolonging their lifespan in your home. Whether you have carpets, hardwoods, or natural stone tiles, knowing the best practices for proper upkeep will protect your flooring investment for many years. Take a look at this list of tips and suggestions from the experts at Floor Coverings International Calgary
Using flooring to make rooms bigger and brighter

Using Flooring to Make Rooms Bigger & Brighter

If your Calgary home has small rooms that are feeling cramped or cluttered, we can help you open up your space. While finding efficient storage and furniture layouts can help clear the area, there are also a few solutions you can try with your flooring. Take a look at these changes that can transform your rooms…
creative bathroom tile ideas

Bathroom Tile Ideas

Ready for a bathroom refresh? At Floor Coverings International in Calgary, we love to bring you exciting inspiration for your next home remodel or revamp. A bathroom redesign is a great opportunity for bringing some unique style into your home. It may be hard to believe, but your walls and floor can totally transform a space. If…