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Being that the average person spends roughly 90 percent of their time indoors, creating a safe, comfortable environment is of importance. One of the leading factors that contributes to such an environment is none other than a home or office’s indoor air quality, or IAQ. However, it should be noted that many homes and offices have an IAQ problem – and the flooring plays a big role.

Carpeting can pose major challenges to IAQ, as dirt, debris, bacteria and contaminants can become trapped in the fibers over time. Hence, if it isn’t properly cared for, it can turn into a ground zero source of sorts for poor air quality. Hardwood floors don’t have the same problem that carpeting does, as contaminants can’t embed themselves into these types of floors. Instead, they fall to the surface of the floor. However, don’t be fooled, as hardwood floors can still post IAQ challenges in a commercial or residential environment if proper cleaning and maintenance isn’t carried out.

Here’s a look at what carpet and floor care practices to enact to maintain good IAQ in a residential or commercial property:

  • Carpet deep cleaning: While regular vacuuming is essential, nothing will truly get the bacteria and contaminants out of the fibers like a professional deep cleaning with a high-powered truckmount. It’s recommended that homeowners have their carpets professionally cleaned at least once every 12-18 months, but perhaps as often as once every 6 months if those with allergies reside in the household. Due to more foot traffic, businesses may need their carpets cleaned once every quarter.
  • Rug cleaning: Like carpets, rugs can also harbor pollutants. Noting this, they too should not be neglected as part of a commercial or residential cleaning plan. Consider taking them to a rug washing plant or having them top cleaned by professional carpet cleaners when they come to clean the carpets.
  • Hardwood floor maintenance is a bit easier to maintain good IAQ, however it should be noted that since the floor doesn’t trap dust or contaminants, improper or neglected hard floor cleaning can cause contaminants to easily circulate throughout a facility. With that said, daily or every-other-day damp mopping and dusting is often enough to keep contaminants from circulating throughout a facility, whether it’s a residential or commercial one.

Aside from floor care, there are several other things that you should put on your “to-do list” when it comes to maintaining favorable IAQ within a household or business. For instance, the installation of an air scrubber can help remove potentially harmful contaminants from the air. Additionally, regularly changing out HVAC filters per the manufacturer recommendation helps minimize the accumulation of dust and other particles.

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Photo Credit: Lucy Jovanovic